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Tuesday Bird Droppings

HOF election day, another passing among O's alumni, minicamp news, and more in today's rousing edition of Bird Droppings

Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

It's Hall of Fame voting announcement day. No Orioles of yore are expected to make it, but it bears watching to see how Mr. Mussina fares on the ballots. He netted just 20.3% of the vote in his first go 'round last year, but is expected to improve on that number dramatically this year. And should improve further going forward if, as expected, some of the backlog of worthy candidates is cleared out this year. Anywho...onward ho! to the links...

School of Roch: This, that and the other
Roch gives the rundown on the O's upcoming minicamp, which will include an old friend.

Former Orioles relief pitcher Stu Miller dies at 87 - Baltimore Sun

A somber past couple of days for the O's organization following the passing of Hank Peters and Stu Miller.

Camden Depot: O's Offense Isn't as Bad as You Might Think

Some may fetishize OBP, and bemoan the O's lack of it, but I'm happy to watch this squad mash many a tater. Plus, if he can stay on the field for a full season I am convinced Manny is ready to ascend into MVP conversation-dom.

How doing something wrong turned out so right for Zach Britton | FOX Sports

Zach Britton's transition from struggling starter to dominant closer in Baltimore can be traced to his mastery of one pitch.

New Video, Analysis Of Yoan Moncada -

I retain (admittedly, irrational) hope that the O's have been squirreling away their pennies to make a run at signing this kid once he's eligible.

Happy 24th birthday, Kevin Gausman! His birthdate is shared by a couple of brief O's RPs: Norm Charlton and Brian Bass. On this date in 2009 the O's dipped into the international market and signed Koji!