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Sunday Bird Droppings

FanFest tickes are on sale, Dan Connolly of The Sun has a new Orioles book out, and Brooks Robinson will go into yet another Hall of Fame.

Ubaldo Jimenez
Ubaldo Jimenez
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

What YOU need to know about the Baltimore Orioles | Books |
"Jim Palmer’s decision to attend a Baltimore Bullets basketball game in 1968 may have saved his baseball career." The story is too long to summarize, but you'll want to read it.

Baltimore Orioles: FanFest tickets on sale now! - BirdsWatcher
"The Baltimore Orioles very quietly released tickets for sale to the general public for their annual FanFest celebration this past week. Fans can visit the official FanFest webpage for details and to purchase tickets in advance. Admission for adults is $12." Link is in the article.

The pro journey of Cubs ace Arrieta began in Frederick |
Jake Arrieta's first pro pitching coach talks about the pitcher.

Maryland State Athletic Hall of Fame induction tickets on sale - Baltimore Sun
"The Class of 2015 has former Orioles third baseman Brooks Robinson, Maryland basketball forward Tom McMillen, Colts tight end John Mackey, Maryland football center Kevin Glover, sprinter Bernard Williams (Carver), Johns Hopkins men's lacrosse player Del Dressel (Gilman) and Crofton duckpin bowler Jeff Pyles. Blast owner Ed Hale and former Maryland sports information director Jack Zane also will be honored." Tickets are $75.

Happy Birthday to former Orioles Garret Olson, Alan Mills, owner of perhaps the best mustaches in Orioles history, Terry Clark, and Ed Farmer. They share it with people including 1679 - Ann Putnam, Jr., accuser in the Salem Witch Trials; 1897 - Isabel Briggs Myers, American psychological theorist; 1919 - Pierre Trudeau, 15th Prime Minister of Canada; 1921 - Sen. Jesse Helms; 1926 - Chuck Berry, rock n' roll legend; 1927 - George C. Scott, actor; 1938 - Dawn Wells, American actress and correct answer to an eternal debate; 1939 - Lee Harvey Oswald, assassin of JFK; 1941 - William "Billy" Cox, guitarist; 1939 - Mike Ditka, NFL legend; 1951 - Pam Dawber, actress; 1960 - Jean-Claude Van Damme, actor; 1961 - Wynton Marsalis, jazz trumpeter; 1984 - Lindsey Vonn, American alpine skier.

Today in Orioles history... nothing really of note happened. Get used to that. We have a long, lonely winter ahead of us.

1469 Ferdinand and Isabella marry

1767 Mason and Dixon draw a line

1860 Peking’s Summer Palace destroyed

1867 U.S. takes possession of Alaska

1898 U.S. takes control of Puerto Rico

1931 Thomas Edison dies

1989 East Germany and Hungary move toward democracy

1998 Pipeline explosions kills 700 in Nigeria

Consider this your discussion space for NCAA Women's Soccer - Maryland at Purdue.