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The World Series Game 4 game thread: Royals @ Mets

The Mets look to equalize the World Series on Halloween night. Hopefully they come in costume as players who are capable of beating the Royals.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

We have ourselves a hullabaloo. Should Noah Syndergaard have thrown the first pitch where he did last night? Will Kansas City engage in any chicanery as "revenge" for this perceived slight? If any payback is sought, will it result in further escalation of tensions? Of course, this is the World Series, so emotions will be running high as the stakes can't get any higher. But at the same time you'd maybe think that with the entire baseball world watching, that's also the time to behave.

That's what a sane and well-adjusted person would think, anyway. Then you realize that there are other kinds of people in the world, as demonstrated here:

The Royals have been here before and still can't manage to act like they've been here before.

There will not be a sweep. That means we'll have baseball until at least tomorrow night. Should the Mets manage to equalize the series in tonight's game, we'll have baseball until at least Tuesday. And in case you need any extra incentive to root for the Mets in this particular game and for the balance of the series, here's the Royals pitching coach discussing, well, I'm not really sure what he thinks he's discussing, but his choice of language reveals a lot about him.

As my grandfather would have said, "Another world heard from." He only ever said that in response to the babbling of little babies.

Today's Lineups

Alcides Escobar - SS Curtis Granderson - RF
Ben Zobrist - 2B David Wright - 3B
Lorenzo Cain - CF Daniel Murphy - 2B
Eric Hosmer - 1B Yoenis Cespedes - CF
Mike Moustakas - 3B Lucas Duda - 1B
Salvador Perez - C Travis d'Arnaud - C
Alex Gordon - LF Michael Conforto - LF
Alex Rios - RF Wilmer Flores - SS
Chris Young - RHP Steven Matz - LHP