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Monday Bird Droppings

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

So that's it, huh? I mean, in a vacuum, the Orioles avoiding a losing season with a sweep of the Yankees is a satisfactory end to a season, but year after reaching the ALCS, one can't help but feel a little...left out. Now, depending on your point of view, the fun [tedium] begins. The Duquette speculation, the Boraspocalypse, the recriminations...ah, yes. Breathe it in, folks.

School of Roch: A day of loss for Buck Showalter as Orioles win finale
I know it sometimes seems like Buck is full of it, but there's also a decent argument to be made that philosophical Buck is Buck at his best.

Season Finale Could Be Wieters' Last Game As A Baltimore Oriole (Pressbox)
Tis the season for awfully final sounding statements.

Ranking MLB's best backup catchers | FOX Sports
Caleb Joseph? Backup? I think not, my good man.

Machado says Orioles need to re-sign Davis, others | CSN Mid-Atlantic
Everybody's a GM these days. Didn't anybody ask Schoop?

2016 MLB Draft Order - MLB Trade Rumors O's will pick at #15 next year.

On this day in 1966, the Orioles won their first World Series game as the Orioles defeated the Dodgers 5-2. In 1971, the O's completed their ALCS sweep of the A's with a 5-3 victory. In 1997, Mike Mussina defeated Randy Johnson to send the Orioles to their second straight ALCS.  Unlikely hero Joe Saunders outdueled ace Yu Darvish and the Orioles overcame the Rangers 5-1 in the 2012 AL Wild Card game.

Former owner Eli Jacobs celebrates a birthday today. Jacobs took control during the Why Not season and saw the opening of Orioles Park during his tenure. Gillick era bullpen cog Terry Matthews would be 51 today.