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Power Polls: O's in media rankings (Week 27)

The final edition of the season. Enjoy it while you can.

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Farewell, 2015 MLB season.
Farewell, 2015 MLB season.
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports Power Rankings (16th; Last Week: 15th)
So, that 5-game winning streak the O's used last week to get to .500? Nobody at was impressed. The O's were ranked 16th in the Experts poll (75% weight) and 15th in the Fans' Poll, so they are 16th overall. Yeah, they LOST a spot by finishing the year with five straight wins. Power Poll (16th; LW: 16th)
The Worldwide Leader leaves the O's right where they have been for a month. "After a disappointing season, the Orioles enter an uncertain offseason with the possibility of several key players departing via free agency." -- Matt Kremnitzer (@mattkremnitzer), Camden Depot Power Rankings (N/A; LW: 16th) decided to only rank the playoff teams, so the Orioles are not present in the rankings. Next year, I swear! Power Rankings (16th ; LW 16th)
FoxSports and the fine folks at Baseball Prospectus leave the O's as the best of the bottom half of MLB. Yay. "Given one movie to sum up this Orioles season, I'd probably go with "The Dark Knight Rises." Lots of hope to start, a lull in the middle, some excitement before the end, but ultimately disappointing. Also you couldn't understand Bane at all."

CBS Sports Power Rankings (16th; 17th)
Matt Snyder lifts the O's one slot to land at the consensus of 16.  "Chris Davis ends with 47 homers and 117 RBI. Two years ago it was 53 and 138. Seeing what kind of contract he gets in free agency is going to be interesting."

USA Today Power Rankings (16th; LW 16th)
Oh, look, the Nation's Newspaper leaves the O's at 16 as well. "Head into off-season with decisions to make of free agents Davis, Wieters, Chen. " The 30 (17th; LW 16th)
Five straight wins, so OF COURSE Jonah Keri drops the Orioles one slot behind a team they finished ahead of in the AL East standings, the Red Sox. Gotta feed that national media monster, no matter how dumb the results, I guess. His entire segment on the O's has been quoted elsewhere on Camden Chat, and I'm too ma at him to give him free publicity, so if you want to read it, suit yourself.

Bleacher Report Power Rankings (17th; LW 17th)
Slideshow Central does the exact same idiotic thing, placing the O's 17th behind the Red Sox. Yuck.