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Monday Bird Droppings

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Did the Red Sox trade set a precedent this offseason? Should the Orioles be dangling Zach Britton? Over the weekend, there was talk that the Rays are listening on Jake McGee and Brad Boxberger. I wonder what this does to the market for Darren O'Day. The Red Sox were rumored to be one of the lead suitors for the beloved submariner, but it's hard to imagine that they'd trade two top 100 prospects for a late inning reliever and then commit multiple years and possibly up to $10 million a year for another. For what it's worth, Craig Kimbrel is slated to make $37 million over the remainder of his contract.

Dan Duquette: Orioles want to sign top pitcher |
Dan Duquette's appearance on Sirius XM yesterday AM with Laughing Jim Bowden is what qualifies as news in Hot Stove Season. Toasty.

School of Roch: More from Dan Duquette on Chris Davis and his shopping list
Did you think the Professor wouldn't opine on Duq's pronouncements? Shame on you.

Orioles may try for Korean outfielder Ah-seop Son | HardballTalk Son is supposedly being posted today.

Steve Melewski: Bowie hitting coach talks about some minor league batters
Keith Bodies talks about Trey Mancini and then some...

Camden Depot: Best Laid Plans Of Dan Duquette: Matt Wieters Edition The folks at the Depot game out the impact of Wieters 2016.

Sunday Notes: GM Speak, Lucas Sims, Framing, Trades, O’Day | FanGraphs Baseball
Good Darren O'day anecdote.

On this day in 1961, the Orioles traded Harry Chiti, father of Dom, and others for Johnny Temple.

A couple problem children that were not long for Birdland have birthdays today. Fernando Cabrera,who was never able to harness his stuff at the major league level, turns 34 today. A reserve middle infielder who shall remain nameless turns 40. Pete Rose, Jr., Buster Narum and Harry Chiti are also November 16 babies.