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Monday Bird Droppings

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Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

So, the Royals, huh? Come on, 2016. For those of us not basking in the glow of postseason glory, the sound you hear is the hot stove rumbling to life.

Orioles making an early effort to sign Chris Davis | HardballTalk
I don't really want to know what it would take in dollars for the Orioles to convince Chris Davis to forego testing the waters.

Darren O'Day, if offered closer money, is likely out of Orioles price range - Carroll County Times Darren O'day as a Nat? Man. Can we file for shared custody?

School of Roch: Could Orioles make a run at Daniel Murphy?
If he gets a qualifying offer? I hope not.

Baltimore Orioles a potential trade match for Adam LaRoche (Call to the Pen)

Chance Sisco playing in Arizona Fall League |
Checking in on your Baby Birds out West. Dylan Bundy faces live hitters in a competitive situation today for the first time in months.

On this day in 1971, Pat Dobson no hit the Yomiuri Giants in an exhibition game.

Disgraced Dutch knight Sidney Ponson celebrates a birthday today as does kinda sorta utilityman Wilson Betemit and bona fide DH Sam Horn. Maybe if we all wish Scott Boras a happy birthday, he'll let one of the big name brand free agents he represents sign a not completely ridiculous contract to stay in Baltimore. HA!