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Friday Bird Droppings

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hope you all enjoyed lovely feasts and family fun yesterday. Not a whole lot to report from Birdland, but we endeavor to entertain here at CC...

Orioles likely to have busy Rule 5 draft | CSN Mid-Atlantic
Today on as the Duq turns...

Baltimore Orioles: Christian Walker of Trey Mancini?
If this is a question about who's the starting first baseman for the 2016 Norfolk Tides, then okay.

Camden Depot: How Much MASN Money Is At Stake? ...I'm guessing probably more than the cost of a Happy Meal.

Wei-Yin Chen and the Art of Changing Speeds | FanGraphs Baseball
We can still enjoy the accomplishments of Chen's Orioles tenure.

On this day in 1984, Eddie Murray won a third consecutive Gold Glove.

It's the birthday of the O.G. Moose, Randy Milligan. If you don't recall Tim Laker's tenure with the Orioles, don't feel bad. It was a mere seven games in the amazing 1997 season. Bill Short and Johnny Schmitz are also Orioles birthday boys today.