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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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Another day with no baseball.

Happy Wednesday, friends! Every Wednesday I consider making some kind of hump day joke. Most weeks I resist. It's another slow news day, but don't worry I'm sure that Chris Davis contract will be announced any day now.

HR champ Chris Davis, five more Baltimore Orioles on free-agent list - Baltimore Orioles - ESPN
Eddie Matz at ESPN can only envision Gerardo Parra and Steve Pearce returning to the Orioles. But they're the worst ones!

Orioles should take players, not lessons, from World Series champion Royals - Baltimore Sun
Peter Schmuck's solution for the Orioles is for them to just take all of Kansas City's free agents. Yup.

Why The Orioles Should Add Pedro Alvarez And Yonder Alonso Instead Of Chris Davis | Camden Depot
Matt Perez makes the argument that Pedro Alvarez and Yonder Alonso would be a better idea than re-signing Chris Davis. It's a compelling argument, not only because I'm sure the brothers-in-law Alonso and Manny Machado would be adorable together.

Weinberg: Late start times hurting baseball - Press of Atlantic City: Phillies/MLB
This guy's story has a very get off my lawn feel to it, but I don't really disagree. I hate that many postseason games (and all of the World Series) don't start until 8 p.m. Half the time I'm asleep on the couch by the end.

If you want further evidence of just how slow of an Orioles news day it is, check out what was in the Google News search results:

Speaking of, be sure to check out all of the offseason plans over in the Fan Posts section, and if you haven't already, read Mark's post about it and write your own.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! Your Orioles birthday buddies are: Doug Corbett (63), a relief pitcher whose eight year career culminated in 11 games with the Orioles in 1987; Tito Francona (82), who played two years for the Orioles at the start of his career and who fathered Terry; and rat fink Larry Bigbie (38).

On this day in 1975, Jim Palmer won his second Cy Young award, and looked handsome doing it. In 2002 Rodrigo Lopez collected nine first-place votes for Rookie of the Year, but lost to Eric Hinske. And just last year the Orioles collected three Gold Gloves courtesy of Adam Jones, J.J. Hardy, and Nick Markakis.