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Monday Bird Droppings

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General Manager meetings begin today in Boca Raton. While not quite as action packed as the ballyhooed Winter Meetings that will take place next month, deals do get done and foundations for future deals are laid. Maybe. If you get MLB Network with your cable/satellite package, the MLB Player's Choice Awards ceremony is tonight. Adam Jones is the only Oriole nominated for an award (Marvin Miller Man of the Year) and as far as I can tell, Eric Davis (Comeback Player of the Year, 1998) is the only Oriole to have ever won one of these awards. I'll also mention that the Arizona Fall League Fall Stars Game was played this weekend. Donnie Hart was the only Baby Bird to see game action and he struck out the only batter he faced. Alright, Donnie! Way to go!

Is there any actual news? Let's not get crazy, here. These are your Monday offseason Bird Droppings

School of Roch: This, that and the other
What would it take to pry Josh Reddick away from the A's? Is this even a question worth asking?

Orioles have the potential to be one of the more interesting teams in free agency
...or they might just miss out on a bunch of top free agents after having made competitive offers.

Camden Depot: What To Expect From Byung-Ho Park And Friends We were talking about how to project KBO players the other day? The folks at Camden Depot have some thoughts.

Orioles will need deeper bullpen in 2016 | CSN Mid-Atlantic Was depth the problem or was the bullpen hamstrung by roster choices?

Hardy Still A Big Asset To O's - Baltimore Sports and Life ...we hope.

Not a very notable in Orioles history.

It's the birthday of Hall of Fame manager Whitey Herzog. The Illinois native spent five years in Baltimore and Washington before hanging it up and achieving prominence as manager of the great St. Louis squads of the 1980s. Minor leaguer Rachid Engelhardt celebrates a birthday today as does former O Brett Jacobson, who you might recall as a part of the Orioles contingent sent North in the J.J. Hardy trade.