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Sunday Bird Droppings

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FanFest has come and gone, and there was the usual media availabilities for all sorts of Orioles staff and players. Let's see if anyone said anything worthwhile!

Buck Showalter
Buck Showalter
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Orioles pull offer to Chris Davis, now 'going down different tracks' -
Well, that's certainly worthwhile to know, but not what we wanted to hear.

School of Roch: Adam Jones on roster moves and Chris Davis offer: "It shows that the team cares"
"That's all I asked. I didn't ask to do this. I said, just make the effort, show not just me, but show the city, show the fans that you're making a conscious effort to keep this team intact because as a core, we have a really good team. If you take away pieces of it, it's not that good for the team."

School of Roch: Hearing from Buck Showalter at FanFest
"We'd like to have Chris (Davis) first, but if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen." That sounds encouraging, doesn't it?

School of Roch: Matt Wieters on accepting the qualifying offer and more
"If you asked me going into the offseason, I always hoped to be back and didn't know what the decision was going to be, and very grateful that I was able to make a decision seven days after the season and take a little bit of stress off the offseason," Matt Wieters said.

Orioles prospect Dylan Bundy ready to put injuries behind him - Baltimore Sun
"I don’t think it was anything," Dylan Bundy said of his elbow. "It was just a precautionary thing where they shut me down. Maybe it was just starting to throw again. When you’re starting to throw again, you’re going to get sore in certain places. You’ve just got to get used to it. I just was kind of cautious about it and I told the trainers and they took care of it."

Brad Brach thrilled to have Darren O'Day back to lead Orioles bullpen - Baltimore Sun
Right-hander Brad Brach might have been in line to be the primary eighth-inning setup man if Darren O'Day had not agreed to remain with the Orioles for four more years, but he's certainly not complaining about that.

Steve Melewski: Jonathan Schoop on his health, offseason and more at FanFest
"I've been focusing on everything," Jonathan Schoop said. "Trying to be a better player. You have to work on everything, not specifically one thing, to be better." Is it truly possible to focus on everything?

Steve Melewski: O's minor league Player of the Year Trey Mancini enjoying his first FanFest
"I think I have the ability to be a major league baseball player," Trey Mancini said. "To hear my name along with Christian (Walker), too. He's a really, really good player and I've gotten to know him. So it's cool to be part of the conversation there."

In non-FanFest news...

Closed sports museum gets thousands for new space - Baltimore Sun
Don't mess with Baltimore's sports fans looking to decorate their "man caves." That was the lesson imparted to several late stragglers to Saturday's "yard sale" of the now-closed Sports Legends Museum.

Happy Birthday to former Oriole Billy Loes. He shares it with  1533 - Erik XIV, King of Sweden; 1553 - Henry IV, 1st Bourbon-king of Navarre/France; 1818 - Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of Abraham Lincoln and First Lady; 1920 - George P Schultz, US Secretary of State; 1925 - Dick Van Dyke, actor; 1948 - Ted Nugent, guitarist and political philosopher; 1950 - Wendie Malick, actress; 1957 - Steve Buscemi, actor; 1957 - Morris Day, American singer, The Time; 1967 - Jamie Foxx, comedian; 1975 - Tom DeLonge, guitarist, blink-182; 1978 - BJ Penn, multi-time UFC champion; 1981 - Amy Lee, singer, Evanescence; 1989 - Taylor Swift, singer/songwriter. So that's why her album is named 1989. Clever girl.

On this day in Orioles history...

1954 - The Dodgers shed part of an era, sending P Preacher Roe and 3B Billy Cox to Baltimore for two unknowns and cash. The O's will complete this deal next March by sending OF Frank Kellert to Brooklyn for P Erv Palica.
1994 - Free agent relief pitcher Lee Smith, last year's major league saves leader with the Orioles, signs with the Angels to a 2-year contract. At the time of the deal, he has 434 career saves.
2007 - The Mitchell Report is released, naming 89 players as having used or been in possession of steroids. Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Miguel Tejada and Jason Giambi are among those named. The report calls for tighter regulation of performance-enhancing drugs.

In other historical happenings...

1577 - Sir Francis Drake sets sail from England to go around world
1774 - First incident of American Revolution - 400 attack Ft William and Mary, New Hampshire
1966 - 1st US bombing of Hanoi
2002 - Enlargement of the European Union: The European Union announces that Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia will become members from May 1, 2004.
2003 - Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is captured near his home town of Tikrit (see Operation Red Dawn).

Consider this your discussion space for the aftermath of UFC 194: Aldo vs McGregor. I'm hoping grief counselors will be available upon request.