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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Another Wednesday with no big Orioles news. Or small Orioles news.

Good morning Camden Chatters. It's the day before Christmas Eve, which means in this house I'll be spending the evening prepping my share of Christmas Eve and Day dinners. For those of you who celebrate, what does your Christmas menu entail? Is it the same every year for the sake of tradition, or do you mix it up?

You're probably not surprised to hear that there aren't many good Orioles links on Christmas Eve Eve. Here is what I gathered for you:

Don't Worry About Chris Tillman's K-BB% Decline | Camden Depot
Per usual with CD, this article bombards you with numbers, this time in defense of Chris Tillman. No matter what history says, I'm gonna worry about Tillman until the season starts because him bouncing back is critical to the Orioles' success.

Mike Mussina one of the casualties of a broken Hall of Fame voting process | ESPN Insider
This is an Insider article, so proceed only if you have the subscription. Friend of the blog Dan Szymborski breaks down why players like Mike Mussina are getting screwed out of their Hall of Fame chance by the silly rules.

Baltimore sports fans in bottom quarter of grammar power rankings - Baltimore Sun
According to this article, Grammarly studied the grammar prowess of NFL fans on, of MLB fans on, and of NBA fans on SBNation team fan websites. NBA fans came out as the smartest. That doesn't seem fair, of course the SBN sites will be better.

The Orioles can Afford to Take a Chance on Denard Span | Baseball Essential
More drum banging for Denard Span.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! You have one Orioles birthday buddy, and that's Dave May. May was a backup, light hitting outifelder for the Orioles from 1967-70.