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Monday Bird Droppings

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Another short week and slim pickings on the news front. This is what qualifies as news today, folks.

Steve Melewski: Notes on Joey Rickard, Tim Berry and big free agent contracts
Steve-O checks in on Rule % selection Joey Rickard, who's enjoying a solid run in winter ball.

Could Baltimore Orioles' Bullpen Handcuff Buck Showalter?
Are we doing this again? Appears so.

Baltimore Orioles: When to extend Manny Machado and others?
I'm going to let the Smiths take this one.

Sunday Notes: Reliever Innings, Second Basemen, Chapman, more | FanGraphs Baseball
Dave Wallace on bullpen usage and dreaming on thinking about Pedro Martinez.

On this day in 2005, the Jeromy Burnitz saga began.

It's the birthday of coach Einar Diaz and bullpen ace B.J. Ryan. Ray Knight and Bill Hall celebrate birthdays today. So would Aurelio Rodriguez.