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Friday Bird Droppings

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December 4th? Good grief. This offseason is flying by...though in some respects, not quick enough. Now that arbitration eligible players have been tendered contracts and 40 man rosters are more or less set for the time being, we approach our next offseason milestone: Winter Meetings. The much ballyhooed gathering of front office types, agents, players and media often yields much hype and little sizzle. This year actually figures to deliver what with several high dollar free agents still floating around and several new regimes perhaps looking to their mark. At any rate, participants should start filing into Nashville on Sunday.

School of Roch: Dan Duquette: "Everybody knows we're trying to sign Chris Davis"
To what end, though, Dan? To what end?

Should Orioles be Viewed as the Favorites for Chris Davis?
The $25 million question.

Six predictions for next week's Winter Meetings. (Sports on Earth)
Jason Heyward? Uh huh...

The biggest holes to fill at Winter Meetings |
All of them. All the holes.

10 Facts About New Orioles Slugger Mark Trumbo | Roar From 34 Not as exciting as Matt Wieters facts, but actual facts.

Today is quite a day in Orioles transactional history. In 1968, the O's acquired Mike Cuellar and a pair of infielders for Curt Blefary, in 1973 the Orioles acquired Ross Grimsley, in 1974 they acquired MIke Torrez and Ken Singleton. Of course, it was also this day in 1988 that the O's traded Eddie Murray to the Dodgers for Ken Howell, Brian Holton and Juan Bell. In 1976, the Gold Glove award for 3B was awarded to someone other than Brooks Robinson for the first time since 1959. Quite a run.

Would be Hall of Famer Lee Smith celebrate a birthday today as does Stan Jefferson.