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Orioles sign Darren O'Day to four year, $31M contract, pending physical

The unlikely has happened and the Orioles shelled out big bucks for a reliever. What do you think?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Orioles have signed relief pitcher Darren O'Day to a four-year, $31M contract (pending physical). The deal was first reported by Ken Rosenthal, with the money details coming from Jon Heyman.

Let me take you inside my immediate reaction on this.

Holy crap, the Orioles signed Darren O'Day? I'm so happy! O'DAAAAAY O'DAY O'DAY O'DAY, O'DAAAY, O'DAAAY.

Wait, how much is that contract? Almost $8M a year? For a reliever?

I can't believe they did it!

How are they going to sign Chris Davis now?

They're not going to sign Chris Davis, are they?

The Orioles have now committed $15,8M to Matt Wieters, approximately $9M to Mark Trumbo, and now about $8M to O'Day. That's about $32M to three players who are not named Chris Davis, and who are also not starting pitchers.

It has been reported for a few days now that the Orioles and Nationals were frontrunners to sign O'Day, and Rosenthal reports that the Nationals were balking at a fourth year. The Orioles seized the day, added a fourth season, and O'Day is theirs. Even though the money/length of the contract worries me, I'd also add a fourth year just to stick it to the Nationals.

I'm happy O'Day will be back in the fold, but worried about what this means for the rest of the off season. Of course, there is always the idea if the Orioles trade Zach Britton, that offsets O'Day's salary almost completely, depending on what they might get back.

What do you think? Yay or nay on this deal?