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Orioles rumors: Chris Davis, Blue Jays, in "serious contract dance"

For Orioles fans, Chris Davis going to a division rival would be about as bad as it could get. Maybe Davis to Blue Jays rumors will prove to be overblown.

Surely the worst case scenario for the Orioles with Chris Davis is one where he departs for a division rival. Not only would they lose out on his services, but they would go up against him 19 times every year, and even when they're not facing him, his titanic home runs would be helping that team rise in the standings at the expense of the O's.

With that in mind, there's not much greater nightmare fuel than any rumor that links Davis to the Toronto Blue Jays. Regrettably for whatever you might have contemplated for lunch, or what you might be considering for dinner, that's the exact sort of rumor that emerged on the first day of baseball's Winter Meetings. I mean, just imagine Davis alongside of Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion. That's a fearsome proposition.

This is a local Toronto sports media personality offering up that very idea this afternoon:

Before panicking too much, remember always the first law of baseball rumors. Probably nothing will happen. In this case, you can cling even more to that idea because this rumor has not (yet) been picked up by any regular baseball reporter. Berger's bio on Twitter describes him as a Toronto sports radio personality and also that he primarily writes about the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Now, maybe it's different up in Toronto, but you probably don't consider Baltimore sports radio personalities to be fonts of breaking news or rumors. So we all must hope it's overblown somehow and that's why it's not coming from a regular baseball reporter. Don't panic yet! But maybe be ready to panic later.