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Wednesday Bird Droppings

It's the O's news and talk you need to get through the drudgery of another work day

Greg Fiume/Getty Images

School of Roch: Graham on new minor league hires, Davis on spring plan and last year's injury
Because nothing says 'for the love of god, please let Spring Training begin already' like a getting-to-know-the-minor-league-coaches post.

With Orioles' GM Issues Resolved, Brady Anderson Happy To Stay Behind The Scenes -

Some insight into what Brady's role in the organization entails.

Pre-Spring Divisional Outlook: AL East | FanGraphs Baseball

Nothing quite like a projections-based article to get any O's fan's dander up. rabblerabblerabble

Orioles Outfielder Adam Jones Balances Work and Play | Sports Illustrated Kids

Including some info on Jonesy's rules for pie-ing.

Camden Depot: Impressions of the Orioles (minor-league) Free Agent Signings - Part One

Chances are that run-of-the-mill Honey Badgering will result in us seeing each of these guys at some point in '15, however briefly. So get to know 'em now!

Luke Scott is working out for major league teams | HardballTalk

Florida Man wields bat during job interview

Happy birthday to a couple of bullpeners, Brian Matusz and Matt Lindstom. On this date in 1900, the old-timey O's of the National League sold off there star players, including John McGraw, as the club faced contraction out of the league. In 1987 the O's signed free agent, and freshly-minted World Series MVP, Ray Knight. In 2009 Miguel Tejada pleads guilty to perjury for lying before Congress during the steriods circus maximus.