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Sunday Bird Droppings

J.J. Hardy is happy to be back with the Birds, Chris Davis ponders a shift in his offensive mindset, and Mark Hendrickson is still a grandfather, in case you forgot.

J.J. Hardy
J.J. Hardy
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Melewski: Hardy on 2014 back issues, O's young talent and more
J.J. Hardy wishes his extension had gotten done sooner, and expects to hit for more power now that 2014's injuries have cleared up.

School of Roch: Another look at the lineup and what to do with Pearce
What to do with the O's lineup? The Professor of Posts has some ideas.

School of Roch: Tillman removes drama over opening day starter
Pretty sure we know who this year's Opening Day starter is. Right, Chris Tillman?

Mark Hendrickson heads south again for spring training with Baltimore Orioles - The York Daily Record
"Mark Hendrickson will be traveling with his wife and their daughters by auto train to Sarasota, Florida for a most unique and quite possibly final shot at professional baseball."

School of Roch: Davis shifting his strategy at the plate
"I think there are definitely situations where I need to bunt, and I know there was some frustration last year obviously with my batting average being as low as it was - not only on my part but the fan base and maybe even on some of my teammates' part - as far as me hitting into the shift," Chris Davis said earlier this week. I do believe I have previously made my thoughts on this matter clear....MY PEOPLE!!!!

Odds say Nationals, Dodgers, Angels and Cardinals will win big in '15 -
Vegas likes us better than projection systems - the over/under for the Orioles is 84.5 wins. I'll take the over, ever so slightly.

Rankings baseball's top 10 defenses for 2015. | : Anthony Castrovince Article
The O's come in 2nd. I can live with that.

AP Sports Editors honor Sun for O's section, reporting - Baltimore Sun
The Sun won an award for their 60th anniversary of the O's coverage. Gee, I wonder who the competition was in print sports. Better than not winning, I suppose.

Regional Wrestling Roundup: Cadott's Najbrt wins regional crown, Gunderson finishes second
More Orioles postseason! "The Orioles advanced a total of six wrestlers to next weekend’s sectionals at Amery, four with second-place finishes." I'm sure Mark will have a roundup of their basketball playoff hopes later in the week.

Happy Birthday to former Orioles Brian Williams (was that before or after his helicopter was shot down? Oh, right, different guy. I think), Luis Mercedes, and Chuck Estrada.

On this date in Orioles history,  In 2012 - "Major League Baseball announces that it will void the contract reached by the Baltimore Orioles with teenage Korean pitcher Seong-Min Kim on January 30th. The Korea Baseball Association filed a formal protest after the signing, alleging that the O's have breached protocol by inking Kim without obtaining prior clearance from Korean baseball authorities."

Also on this date in 1956 - "The Pirates and the Kansas City A's cancel an exhibition game in Birmingham, AL, because of a local ordinance barring black players from playing against white players." Well, that goes in the pile of "Reasons to not hate the Pirates anymore." I believe that is Reason #3 now, actually.

Need an easy lipstick remover? Spray the spot with hairspray, let it set for 10 minutes, dab with a damp washcloth, and wash as normal.

Consider this your special place to discuss college basketball, last night's NASCAR exhibition, or whatever your fancy, in keeping with the Community Guidelines.
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