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Wednesday Bird Droppings

The night is darkest just before dawn, and the off-season is most unbearable just before spring training

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

School of Roch: Can Janish win utility job?
Case in point regarding the intro. This is what counts as a pre-ST discussion topic. C'mon,'re killing me here!

O'Day tops among baseball's elite setup men |
Thanks for the parting gift, Matt Klentak!

2016 Free Agent Power Rankings – MLB Trade Rumors
Matt Wieters makes the top 10. And, geez...that's a deep list.

Baseball Prospectus | Moonshot: We Know How Happy You Are
"Measuring the mood of each fanbase, with science." How happy do you think O's fans are at the moment?

Orioles Take Chance On 30-Year-Old Rodriguez -
Subscriber article. The O's signed some dude from the Mexican League.

Filling the Gap: Reimagining Mike Mussina as John Smoltz – The Hardball Times

Or, rather...'Why is Smoltz in the HOF while Mussina remains snubbed?'

Happy Birthday, Walter Young! Maybe pass on the cake or ice cream though, big man...It is also the birthday for a couple of O's back-ups: Chad Moeller and Jeff McKnight.