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Monday Bird Droppings

With the NFL season officially in our rearview we can focus our attention on mmore important concerns: the coming of Spring Training

Happy birthday, Memlo!
Happy birthday, Memlo!
Marc Serota/Getty Images

Fanfest? Super Bowl? Katy Perry? Commercials? Twitter snark? Groundhog's Day? Thoughts, comments, quips...have it folks.

After Unfinished Business in '14, Orioles Turn To '15 At Fanfest -
Paul Folkemer fills you in on all the goings on at FanFest

Camden Depot: Should Teams Focus on Run Prevention?
can't hurt, I suppose...

School of Roch: Britton on his contract, last season and 2015
Mr. Britton gonna get awfully expensive if he has another strong season as a Closer.

Josh Harrison and Steve Pearce: Here to stay or one-season wonders? - Beyond the Box Score

Prognosticating the potential of #TeamSteve

Should Kevin Gausman and James Paxton Throw More High Fastballs? | FanGraphs Baseball

As long as the umps call the high strike, then yes, of course.

Happy birthday to newly minted O, Travis Snider! He shares a name day with fellow former O's Melvin Mora, Scott Erickson, Paul Clements, Paul Kilgus, and Don Buford.