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Orioles signing of Everth Cabrera seen as low risk move with potential upside

The Orioles added a new player to the roster, which provides an opportunity for the various talking people to talk about it.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

It's late February: the time of year where the honey badger is at its most dangerous...relentlessly on the prowl for premiere players at deep, deep discounts. Yes, friends, Dan Duquette and the Orioles have inked 2012 NL stolen base king Everth Cabrera to a one year for $2.4 million. Cabrera can earn an additional $600,000 if he reaches 500 plate appearances. The consensus of the chattering class seems to be Cabrera's a nice upside play with speed to burn.

R.J. Anderson, Baseball Prospectus, "...if Cabrera finds a way to get his life in order and his body in check, he could be the latest coup for Dan Duquette. Cabrera is a talented basestealer and a good enough hitter to bat near the top of an order."

Jeremy Conn, WFAN, "I really like this addition for the Orioles...[y]ou are not paying a ton of money and he adds something to the team that is lacking…Speed!"

Matt Sroka, Eutaw Street Report, "The Everth Cabrera signing is another shrewd move by Duquette to make sure that this year there are fewer Parades, Casilla and Phelps sightings. Or to put it another way, Cabrera is a just another good ball player on a team full of good ball players who will put another obstacle in the way of bad players finding their way onto this team.  More good ball players seem like a good way to win baseball games"

Luke Jones, WNST, "How Cabrera will fit into the picture remains to be seen. Starting second baseman Jonathan Schoop and utility infielder Ryan Flaherty appeared to be virtual locks for roster spots entering spring training, but Cabrera provides an element of speed that the other two don’t possess."

Jeff Todd, MLB Trade Rumors, "He is coming off of an undeniably rough stretch in his personal and professional life...Of course, those issues come with undeniable upside."