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Tuesday Bird Droppings

1st round of camp cuts, Davis' future, options info, and more in today's edition of Bird Droppings!

The way his hat fits his head really bothers me
The way his hat fits his head really bothers me
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

School of Roch: Orioles make first camp cuts
Now down to 52 players in camp.

Ranking the closers: Holland No. 1 - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
Britton just misses the top 10 here.

5 key players of the AL East -
Brisbee gives us an AL East preview. But I had you hooked at 'Brisbee' anyway, didn't I?

Chris Davis wants to see Orioles commit to the future before he does - Baltimore Sun
Go ahead and clip that 'I'm not going to play for a loser...' quote for future reference when he signs with another club next winter.

Orioles Notes: Howard, Davis, Joseph – MLB Trade Rumors
A Phillies beat writer would like you to believe the O's are 'keeping an eye on' Ryan Howard. Maybe so. But I'm fairly certain they would also be 'keeping an eye on' the number of $'s still owed to Mr. Howard.

Out Of Options Players: AL East – MLB Trade Rumors
Memorize this and then demonstrate your wealth of basebally knowledge when a question as to who has options inevitably comes up!

Camden Depot: The Transformation of Jake Arrieta

I'm in charge of BDs today so you will get a Jake Arrieta link.

Minor League Team In Pawtucket May Be Moving, But Memories Will Last Forever -

If you haven't read Dan Barry's 'Bottom of the 33rd' go do that. I highly recommend it.

Happy birthday, Mike Timlin. He saved 38 games while with the O's in '99 & half of '00.