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Orioles announce 2015 promotional giveaway schedule

The Orioles released their promotional giveaway schedule on Tuesday afternoon. The highlights include a Buck Showalter garden gnome, an Orioles Hawaiian shirt (if you're my dad), and Orioles high socks.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Who doesn't love getting free stuff? It's especially fun when you get free, Orioles-themed stuff for going to the right Orioles game. Don't just go for the t-shirt nights. You've got plenty of those already, although if you are the kind of person who shows up to an Orioles game wearing a Brad Bergesen giveaway, it may be time for you to get a new one after all. There are a lot of other good ones, although the long hoped-for bobblehead of Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer will have to wait for another year.

The giveaways start with the season's very first home game, when the O's will be giving away a schedule in the form of a Fathead. That seems to be a replacement of the usual magnet giveaway. Do people still buy and display Fatheads any more? I haven't seen one of those commercials in a while. Well, now you can get an Orioles schedule of one. Maybe they will have some O decals and other things as well, like how you'd get a car magnet with your magnetic schedule.

On April 11, the second home game, the Orioles will give away what they are describing as 2014 AL East Champions wall art, and the next day they have the first kids-only giveaway: an Orioles braided necklace for the first 7,500 fans 14 and under.

Looking ahead to the rest of the year's promotional schedule, the highlight is surely going to be the Buck Showalter garden gnome, to be given away on June 27 to the first 25,000 fans. Another big highlight, if you're my dad (or also me), will be the Orioles Hawaiian shirt giveaway set for the July 12 game against the Nationals. That is a Sunday afternoon.

Two days prior to that on July 10 will be the Orioles floppy hat giveaway. I do love Orioles floppy hats. This one is plaid, however, which will put my devotion to the test. These last two giveaways are in the final series before the All-Star Break, which will be played against the Nationals.

The month of August brings a plethora of giveaways, starting with August 1 against Detroit with an Oriole Bird bobblehead. A couple of weeks later, on August 15, there will be a J.J. Hardy replica orange jersey giveaway. That one is to the first 20,000 fans, but still make sure to get there early if you want one. Also, if you take a jersey and leave immediately to sell it on eBay, depart this website and never come back. There's one for the kids the next day on the 16th: a Chris Tillman growth poster.

That's not the end of the August giveaways. A series from August 21-23 features a giveaway every game: Orioles high socks on the 21st, an Orioles trucker hat on the 22nd, and an Orioles pet leash on the 23rd.

There are a couple of interesting giveaways in September: an Orioles hooded sweatshirt on the 11th and a Birdland knit scarf on the 12th. Those games are both against the Royals. It's not your last chance to get something knit, either, as there's an Orioles Knit Bomber Hat on the schedule for October 3rd which may also need to be a part of my life.

Every month from May to September will have one t-shirt giveaway. The Orioles have not released any of those designs as of yet, but past shirts in this vein have included the likes of the Buck Showalter "I like our guys" shirt and the Nate McLouth Base Bandit shirt.

The standard fans choice bobblehead will be given away on the final home game, October 4 against the Yankees.

You can see the full schedule for yourself here. What days are you circling on the calendar? How do you feel this set of giveaways stacks up against some of those in recent years? Are you going to have to borrow a nephew or niece or neighbor's child for the day to get one of the kids-only giveaways? Tell us in the comments.