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Orioles in fantasy baseball and who represents an injury risk

Although real baseball is still about a month away, fantasy baseball is back and you fantasy GMs out there better start preparing for the draft, especially if you want to get some Orioles on your team.

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One more month. I can wait one more month. Right? I mean how hard could that be. Yes, there may still be 4 feet of snow on the lawn outside my apartment, but baseball is back...even if it is just fantasy baseball.

Although I won't be playing fantasy baseball this year, I can still remember the days where I would spend hours and hours researching players before the draft. Maybe I was just weird, but I wanted to know every piece of relevant information about a player before I drafted him, including his injury history. Generally it wasn't too hard to find out if a guy had an injury last year, but to have a detailed injury history I always had to have multiple websites open during the draft. Anyone who plays fantasy sports knows how hectic the draft is and having a cheat sheet is always helpful. So, consider this the official fantasy baseball injury cheat sheet for Orioles players.

Note: Only the top 5 Orioles fantasy players are covered in the post. Rankings are based on ESPN's Top 300

Adam Jones

Trips to the 60 day DL: 1 (Left ankle sprain in 2009)

Trips to the 15 day DL: 1 (Left foot fracture in 2008)

Seasons with greater than 140 games played: 5 (2010-2014)

Bottom line: Aside from a few injuries in 2008 and 2009, Jones appears to very durable.

Chris Davis

Trips to the 60 day DL: 0

Trips to the 15 day DL: 2 (Right shoulder strain in 2011; Left oblique strain 2014)

Seasons with at least 140 games played: 1 (2013)

Bottom line: Although Davis struggled through a left oblique strain last year, he has spent very little time during his career on the DL.

Manny Machdao

Trips to the 60 day DL: 3 (Right patellar dislocation 2011; Left patellar dislocation 2013; Right patellar dislocation 2014)

Trips to the 15 day DL: 1 (Recovering from surgery 2014)

Seasons with at least 140 games played: 1 (2013)

Bottom line: Machado has had a lot of knee injuries early in his career, but there is still hope that he can be a durable every day player. While Machado may be a bit of risk due to his injury history, he also has tons of upside.

Zach Britton

Trips to the 60 day DL: 1 (Left shoulder impingement 2012)

Trips to the 15 day DL: 1 (Left shoulder strain 2011)

Seasons with at least 60 relief appearances: 1 (2014)

Bottom line: Britton transitioned very nicely into the closer's role and hasn't spent a day on the DL since becoming a reliever.

Matt Wieters

Trips to the 60 day DL: 1 (Tommy John surgery 2014) 

Trips to the 15 day DL: 1 (Right hamstring strain in 2010)

Seasons with at least 140 games played: 2 (2012-2013)

Bottom line: Despite being sidelined after Tommy John surgery last year, Wieters is another Oriole who has spent his career relatively healthy and available on a regular basis.

Good luck to everyone playing fantasy baseball this year and hopefully there will be nothing new to add to this post next season.