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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Slow day in the Orioles news-o-sphere. And Spring Training is already getting boring. Let's get on with the season!

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It's going to be 60 some-odd degrees in Charm City today (albeit under rainy skies). Good enough for real baseball for me! Get on with it, MLB!

Machado does it all against rival Yankees |
Hopefully a trend that will carry over into the regular season

School of Roch: Wieters: "I have no idea what the future will hold"
Wieters fields the same general thrust of questions as Davis did the other day.

How to visit every MLB park in (roughly) 30 days. | : Will Leitch Article

How to see a game in 30 stadiums in 30 days in 2015.

MLB - Future Power Rankings heading into the 2015 season - ESPN
The O's come in at 18th, 5th of the AL East squads. But there's a certain hand motion one can do in response to such rankings.

Gavin Floyd Out Indefinitely With Stress Fracture – MLB Trade Rumors
The oft-injured local kid suffers another setback. So it goes...

Happy birthday to O's alumni Rich Hill and Phil Bradley ('89 Why Not? O who in '90 was traded to the White Sox for EME favorite Ron Kittle). On this date in 1901, a newspaper report surfaces of Orioles Manager John McGraw attempting to circumvent the league's racial discrimination rules by claiming a Black player is actually of native American origin. 90 years later, Jim Palmer ends his brief attempt at a comeback after 6 years of retirement.