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Orioles spring training game thread: at Cardinals, 1:05pm

Will Ferrell won't be appearing in this game between the Orioles and Cardinals. That's probably for the best. The Orioles lineup takes on a team full of Matts.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This is the daily reminder not to put too much stock in spring training outcomes. Just look at this lineup. I mean, seriously, look at it. That's not a lineup that was constructed with the goal of giving the Orioles the maximum chance of winning this game today. Maybe they will win, which would be cool, but if they don't, it's not the end of the world.

The important thing is for nobody to get hurt. If Bud Norris looks good in his second tune-up start, that would also be nice. Even if he doesn't, he has some more outings to get things going right.

A couple of old friends in the Cardinals lineup today. Mark Reynolds on the Cardinals? That's a weird one. Also, Matt Shaffner's favorite, Ty Kelly. If you catch Shaffner with a tear in his eye today, that's probably why.

The other important thing today is that the Orioles, by virtue of playing spring training in a relatively civilized place like Florida, will not have a hand in the whole Will Ferrell stunt that you can't stop hearing about in Arizona. If you want a shining example of why spring training doesn't matter, that is your answer.

This game will not be on radio or television in the Baltimore area, but you can get the St. Louis TV or radio broadcasts if you've paid for a subscription for the appropriate MLB service that lets you do so.


Everth Cabrera - SS Matt Carpenter - 3B
Jayson Nix - 3B Jason Heyward - RF
Jonathan Schoop - 2B Matt Holliday - LF
Nolan Reimold - RF Matt Adams - DH
Jimmy Paredes - DH Mark Reynolds - 1B
Christian Walker - 1B Randal Grichuk - CF
J.P. Arencibia - C Tony Cruz - C
Matt Tuiasosopo - LF Ty Kelly - 2B
Dariel Alvarez - CF Pete Kozma - SS
Bud Norris - RHP Jaime Garcia - LHP