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Saturday Bird Droppings

Travis Snider loves his iPad, Dylan Bundy gets a Father's Day gift idea, and Ubaldo Jimenez is just preparing for the season, y'all. Nothing to worry about here.

J.J. Hardy is keeping the beard, folks.
J.J. Hardy is keeping the beard, folks.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In my slow, but never-ending attempt to take over Bird Droppings for all eternity, I've taken over the Saturday shift for Our Fearless Leader Mark Brown. You've been warned.

Jimenez Gives Up 3 In Orioles’ 5-3 Loss To Blue Jays " CBS Baltimore
"Even the first day in spring training, I never put that in my mind, `you’re going to have to throw seriously because you’re competing.’ I’m doing the same thing that I’ve been doing the last 13 spring trainings, counting the minor leagues, and that’s getting myself ready for the season," Ubaldo Jimenez said." I would think throwing strikes would be part of that process, but apparently not.

Orioles notes: Ryan Webb closer to return from knee injury - Baltimore Sun
"Orioles right-hander Ryan Webb, shelved since tweaking his left knee Sunday, resumed throwing on Friday, manager Buck Showalter said." So they won't have to amputate. That's good news.

Pro baseball: Bundy brothers pitch in same game for Orioles against Cardinals - Tulsa World
"When asked if he would get the box score enlarged and framed for his dad, Dylan Bundy said, "That might be pretty neat. We definitely want to do it (pitch together) at the major league level some time or in a minor league game this year. That would definitely be pretty neat for him." Way to spoil the surprise of his Father's Day gift, Dylan.

Recording swings helps Travis Snider stay on the ball - The Frederick News-Post : Associated Press
"It’s worked for him," Orioles manager Buck Showalter said. "It’s not trying to come in and show everybody he’s doing it. He’s not trying to hide it, but he’s not putting it out front and center. There’s not a whole lot there that we don’t have on tape, but if it gives him a comfort level and lets him be successful, so be it." I mean, the team has interns for that, right?

2015 MLB team preview: Baltimore Orioles -
Mike Axisa is feeling pretty good about the O's heading into the season.

Happy Birthday to former Orioles Josh Stinson, Randor Bierd, Kevin Brown, and Bill Kennedy.

On this day in Baltimore baseball history, in 1953, "St. Louis mayor Joseph Darst vows to fight losing the hometown Browns to Baltimore." That effort proved less than successful.

Make a pie for Pi Day! A Quick And Easy Lemon PIe would be a great choice.

Consider this your discussion space for the Big Ten Tournament mens' basketball semifinals games.