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Orioles spring training schedule: Games broadcast on radio and television

The Orioles will play 34 games during their Grapefruit League schedule. Some will be on TV or the radio in the Baltimore area. Many will not. Your guide to finding the O's on the air this spring, wherever they might be found.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Grapefruit League schedule is almost upon us. The Orioles and other teams who spend the spring in Florida will play one another in games that don't count throughout the next month. You can tell they don't count because of how they treat them, with late innings full of minor leaguers, pitchers mostly going an inning or two.

Another sign that it's not very serious is that not every game is going to be on TV or the radio. What the heck is that about? Probably because there isn't money in broadcasting every spring game, and so they don't.

Here is the schedule of O's spring training including whether and how you can listen to or watch each one:

Date Opponent Time MASN 105.7 FM Other
March 3 at Tigers 1:05 Detroit 97.1 FM
March 4 vs. Tigers 1:05 X
March 5 at Rays (ss) 1:05 radio
March 5 vs. Blue Jays (ss) 7:05 X Toronto 590 AM
March 6 at Blue Jays 1:07 radio
March 7 vs. Red Sox 1:05 X
March 8 at Twins 1:05 X MLBN, Fox Sports North, Minn. 96.3 FM
March 9 vs. Phillies 1:05 radio
March 10 vs. Yankees 1:05 X
March 11 vs. Blue Jays 1:05 X radio
March 12 at Cardinals 1:05 Fox Sports Midwest, St. Louis 1120 AM
March 13 at Blue Jays 1:07
MLBN, Sportsnet, radio
March 14 vs. Rays 1:05 X Tampa 620 AM / 95.3 FM
March 15 at Pirates 1:05

MLBN, Root Sports, Pittsburgh 93.7 FM

March 16 at Phillies 1:05 TCN TV (Philly)
March 17 vs. Twins 1:05 X
March 18 at Twins 1:05
March 19 vs. Pirates 1:05 radio
March 20 at Red Sox 1:05
March 21 at Twins 1:05
X Fox Sports North, Minn. 96.3 FM
March 22 vs. Cardinals 1:05
X St. Louis 1120 AM
March 24 at Pirates 1:05
March 25 vs. Blue Jays 1:05 X radio
March 26 at Tigers 1:05 MLBN, Fox Sports Detroit, 1270 AM
March 27 vs. Rays 1:05
March 28 at Yankees 1:05 X MLBN, YES, New York 660 AM / 101.9 FM
March 29 vs. Twins (ss) 1:05 X Minn. 96.3 FM
March 29 at Blue Jays (ss) 1:07 Sportsnet, Toronto 590 AM
March 30 at Rays 1:05 radio
March 31 vs. Rays 1:05
April 1 vs. Pirates 7:05 X X MLBN, Pittsburgh 93.7 FM
April 2 at Braves 6:05 Braves Radio Network
April 3 vs. Braves 6:05 X X MLBN, Atlanta 1340 AM
April 4 at Braves 3:05 X Braves Radio Network

An X in the MASN/105.7 FM columns indicates that game will be carried. Radio games may be on other stations in the Orioles Radio Network, although I believe not every affiliate chooses to broadcast all spring games, so if you're out of the Baltimore listening area, your mileage may vary.

The "other" column indicates either an away team TV or radio broadcast or MLB Network broadcast. If you subscribe to, I believe you will be able to watch or listen to the non-O's feeds if you so desire. Only four of the 34 games have no TV or radio coverage whatsoever.

One thing you probably noticed right away is the plentiful number of day games. That is fairly standard for spring training. Unfortunately, you can forget about listening to the radio station online when you're at work, because MLB blacks out radio stations from broadcasting games online. You'd have to have either a real radio or the MLB At Bat app on your phone device of choice.

Also, you would have to have a boss who doesn't mind if you listen to Orioles games instead of while working.