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Saturday Bird Droppings

J.J. Hardy gets a day off his a shoulder boo-boo, Tyler Wilson gets the start against the Evil Empire today, and Kevin Gausman will get five innings Tuesday.

Chris Davis. Wouldn't mind seeing this 40 or so times this season when it counts.
Chris Davis. Wouldn't mind seeing this 40 or so times this season when it counts.
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

School of Roch: Hardy updates shoulder injury
"Orioles shortstop J.J. Hardy offered an update this morning on his left shoulder. "It's a little bit more sore today than yesterday," he said, adding that he wouldn't have played this afternoon against the Yankees in Tampa if his name appeared on the travel roster." And he does mean this morning - this is from 8:30 a.m. Saturday.

Norris’ Strange Spring Continues For Orioles Vs. Rays " CBS Baltimore
"Bud Norris even argued with home plate umpire John Hirschbeck in the fourth inning. "I threw a 2-1 slider that I thought caught the corner, and he said it was high. I kind of referred back and said, I didn’t think that was high. He didn’t like my comments, so he started to make a stroll out there, and I was waiting for him to see what he had to say. Buck comes out there, and says, `What’s the problem?’ Hirschbeck says, `No problem.’ I said, `Well, obviously there’s a problem; obviously you’re coming out.’ We talked it through," Norris said."

Orioles taking a long look at pitching prospect Tyler Wilson - Baltimore Sun
"Buck Showalter announced Thursday that he is giving Tyler Wilson his first spring training start Saturday afternoon against the New York Yankees at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Fla., a test to see how Wilson handles a formidable lineup under the spotlight."

Orioles catcher Caleb Joseph excited about likely Opening Day assignment - Baltimore Sun
"Orioles catcher Caleb Joseph has never been on a major league Opening Day roster in his seven previous pro seasons. This year, after all that time riding minor league buses, Joseph is not only a roster lock to begin the season, but he is expected to be the Opening Day starter behind the plate for the Orioles."

Kevin Gausman likely to start Tuesday (and other Orioles notes) - Baltimore Sun
"In case you were now sure that Kevin Gausman was headed to the bullpen for the regular season, hold that thought."

Steve Melewski: What if Kevin Gausman starts the season in the bullpen?
Ever the good company soldier...

Notre Dame guard Pat Connaughton is also an Orioles prospect with a 95-mph fastball | For The Win
"My dad just asked Coach Brey the question: Could he play baseball?" Pat Connaughton says. "Notre Dame was the first school to offer me basketball-wise. Coach Brey said, ‘Absolutely, we’ll figure it out.’" And that's how Pat Connaughton ended up in South Bend.

Scott Garceau: Orioles’ Roster Madness " CBS Baltimore
Yet another look at how the 25-man roster may look shortly after Opening Day. Because Chris Davis has to get on there for Game Two. Play Index is free from now until April 15. You should check that out.

Happy Birthday to Christian Walker, Shawn Boskie, and Glenn Davis. If you're gonna get in a bar fight, tuck your chin, Glenn. That's just basic boxing defense.

You should make an old-fashioned Strawberry Pie today.

Consider this your discussion space for RIT vs. Minnesota State (Mankato) in NCAA Hockey.

You better watch where you spit

- Ebolarama / Every Time I Die