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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Opening Day starter, Steve Pearce projections, organizational talent rankings, and more in today's edition of Bird Droppings!

Brooksy Days until Opening Day!
Brooksy Days until Opening Day!
Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports has their first official forecast for Friday April 10th: 60 degrees but with a 60% chance of light rain throughout the day. But 10 day forecasts are not something to put much stock into, so stay tuned to the BirdWeather Forecast Network for updates as Opening Day nears.

School of Roch: Tillman on opening day assignment, more notes & quotes (Gausman done)
Now the question is who will make the home opener start? Likely candidates would be either Migo or Bud.

The Orioles' Four Lineups - Baltimore Sports and Life
An easy to follow lineup template for any pitching matchup scenario the O's could face.

Taking A Step Back: Steve Pearce and Lorenzo Cain | FanGraphs Baseball

In which the author drops a Larry Sheets comp on TeamSteve. But I'm not seeing it since TeamSteve is not magnificently mustachioed, ergo the comp makes no sense.

2015 Organization Talent Rankings -
Baseball America ain't very fond of the O's farm system

The Change: Strikeouts and Spring Training Stats | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball
There's an Oriole near the top of this list. Who knows if it signifies anything.

LOOK: Visualizing how different pitches look to the hitter -
The O's avoid any potential confusing visual clues by just guessing and swinging (hard). And it seems to work well enough for them.

There’s an Orioles billboard a few miles from Nats Park again - The Washington Post
I heartily support all manner of trolling the Nats

No O's birthdates or history of note so let's explore the wider world. On this date in 286, Diocletian elevates Maximian to co-emperor and cedes him control of the western half of the empire. In 1960 the first pair of Doc Martens boots were released. In 1976 a trio of nerds founded a computer company named Apple. 30 years ago today the legendary story of  pitcher Sidd Finch was published in Sports Illustrated. In 2004 GMail is introduced. It is the birthdate of German politician Otto von Bismarck, composer Sergei Rachmaninoff, reggae singer Jimmy Cliff.