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Orioles podcast: It's still a small sample size, but let's talk about it anyway

Adam Jones is awesome. This and more #analysis about the Orioles (all small sample size, of course) in a brand new Camdencast. Give it a listen!

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Jump right in! Press the triangle button and stream through your browser right now:

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Three Camdencasts in three weeks? Yes, it's true! I am resolved to have more Orioles talk for you and so far I am sticking to it. The Orioles are 5-4 through nine games, as of course you are well aware. Nine games isn't really very many in the grand scheme of things, but it's all we've got to talk about, so Alex and I set off to try to read the tea leaves as far as whether anything means anything, which is as much a question for philosophy as baseball analysis.

One thing it's not very bold to say is that Adam Jones is awesome, because he is. That's a good sign for the O's. What if he finds a way to be even better this year than last year? He's steadily improved throughout his career, and early on his strikeout rate is down by a lot. Though he might strike out three times tomorrow and ruin that.

Not everyone else on the team has done so well. The bullpen has struggled. Are you worried? There's been some struggle in the rotation as well, even if it wasn't Ubaldo Jimenez struggling, much to our surprise. We also set out to survey the competition in the division a bit, at least in our own, provincial way. Along the way there's also the usual tangents and silliness, and more fun that you can hopefully come to expect from Camdencast.

This episode has a run time of about an hour and ten minutes.

(This podcast is not currently updated on iTunes, nor is the XML updated. Sorry! I am hopeful that the technical issues will be cleared up shortly.)

If you've ever got any feedback for the podcast, please feel free to let me know in the comments. There is always something I can do better. Take care until next time, and go Orioles!