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Orioles won't see Jose Bautista Wednesday due to a strained shoulder

Jose Bautista is out of the Blue Jays lineup on Wednesday night and could go on the disabled list. He strained his shoulder in Tuesday's game against the Orioles.

This was immediately after Bautista failed to throw out Young.
This was immediately after Bautista failed to throw out Young.
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Among the theatrics in Tuesday's game between the Orioles and the Blue Jays was a play later on in the game, after all of the home run shenanigans, where Jose Bautista attempted to throw out Delmon Young at first base on a relatively routine base hit to right field.

Bautista came in hard on the ball and fired a throw to first base, not in time to retire Young. That action prompted Young to say his piece on the night's activity: "You're not that good!" In Young's eyes, this throw was little more than Bautista trying to show what a badass he is, and Young seemed bemused by the attempt.

As it turns out, there was a consequence to this action. Bautista is not in the Blue Jays lineup for Wednesday night and, according to Jeff Blair of, he suffered a strained shoulder as a result of this throw. Bautista was reportedly unable to throw a baseball at all today and he could now be a candidate to go on the disabled list.

Jays manager John Gibbons said he was going to give Bautista the day off anyway due to a 2-29 career mark against O's starter Ubaldo Jimenez. Now it seems Bautista is going to miss more time than just that.

I believe that is a prime case of what you might call a self-inflicted injury.