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Orioles Game 17 Thread: vs. Red Sox, 7:05pm Eastern

It's about time for the Orioles to stop losing games. Maybe they will actually call a halt to that tonight against Rick Porcello and the Red Sox. Miguel Gonzalez is the O's starter.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This is not the lineup you were probably envisioning two weeks into the season even if you were just counting from Opening Day. As Buck Showalter likes to say, nobody is going to feel sorry for the Orioles for all of the various injuries that they have suffered. They've got to go on and do their best, even if that means, well, this.

It's also probably not the lineup you'd really like to see in order to snap a losing streak. Nonetheless, this is the one that will be out there tonight against the division leaders, the Red Sox.

Here's the good news. Of the Red Sox lineup, Daniel Nava is the only one who has a good bit of success against O's starter Miguel Gonzalez. For O's hitters against Rick Porcello, Chris Davis has hit for a .286 average in 21 at-bats and has three home runs. Maybe this will be a night he can do well, or at least a night where he won't strike out four times.

Today's Lineups

Mookie Betts - CF Alejandro De Aza - LF
Dustin Pedroia - 2B Manny Machado - 3B
David Ortiz - DH Jimmy Paredes - DH
Hanley Ramirez - LF Adam Jones - CF
Mike Napoli - 1B Chris Davis - 1B
Pablo Sandoval - 3B Delmon Young - RF
Daniel Nava - RF Reynaldo Navarro - 2B
Brock Holt - SS Caleb Joseph - C
Ryan Hanigan - C Everth Cabrera - SS
Rick Porcello - RHP Miguel Gonzalez - RHP