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Sunday Bird Droppings

Events throughout downtown Baltimore overshadowed the O's dramatic 10th inning win. Let's hope and pray that today, calmer heads will prevail.

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Chris Davis had a rather important SAC fly.
Chris Davis had a rather important SAC fly.
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Orioles beat Red Sox in 11 as protests rage outside - USA Today
"What about that announcement instructing the fans to stay in the ballpark? "Fine," Courtney Mish of Baltimore said. "We wanted to see the end of the game, anyway." Now that's Baltimore right there.

Steve Melewski: David Lough and Adam Jones comment after comeback win over Boston
"I understand they are fighting for a good cause. Just want people to be safe. I don't like people getting hurt. Fight for your rights. That is what you should do, but try to be safe and be smart about it." - Adam Jones

School of Roch: Showalter speaks following a 5-4, 10-inning win
"It's a game of baseball and those are life issues, so this kind of pales in comparison to what's going on in my life off the field and what's going on in our city. Just have to continue to have confidence that we'll get through it like we get through most things in Baltimore and hopefully learn from it." - Buck Showalter

As Orioles watch protest develop, emotions range from fear to understanding to disappointment - Baltimore Sun
"We were very aware," reliever Darren O’Day said. "It’s all over TV, and there are a lot of TVs in this clubhouse, and some of the TVs are always tuned into news. We had a pretty good idea. And it’s pretty hard to ignore the police choppers circling the field during batting practice."

For Orioles fans, it was a strange night all around - Baltimore Sun
"Matt Winter of Bethesda waited by the D Gate, which eventually was opened at about 10 p.m., and tried to make sense of everything that had gone on Saturday in Baltimore. "It's strange to be locked in," Winter said. "I think it's just an abundance of caution by the police, because there are people out there doing stuff. They're trying to be careful. It's very frustrating. It's a very bad situation all around and people are trying to deal with the best way they can."

Bench coach John Russell to manage Orioles today; Matt Wieters to catch Monday in Sarasota - Baltimore Sun
"Catcher Matt Wieters (elbow) is expected to catch four to five innings Monday in an extended spring training game. That will be the most time he has spent behind the plate in a game against an opponent since mid-March."

Orioles great Jim Palmer says Red Sox slugger David Ortiz is like a puppy who needs to be housebroken |
"He's entitled to do it any way he wants, but when he throws his whole team under the bus, all the fans who came out to Fenway Park, it's kind of like a puppy -– unconditional love -– but at the end of the day, if the puppy doesn't do the right things, you need to housebreak him." - Jim Palmer

Happy Birthday to former Orioles Nate Smith and Sam Dente.

On this date in Orioles history, nothing of note happened, apparently. Odd.

Consider this your discussion space for the University of Maryland taking on Michigan in softball on BTN+. Go Terps.