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Orioles announce plans for Wednesday's game, weekend Rays series moves to Tampa

The Orioles will play a Wednesday afternoon game that's closed to the public and a weekend series against the Rays will now be played in Tampa.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The fate of a few Orioles games is one of the smaller considerations for the city at large in the midst of everything that has gone on in Baltimore over the last few days. After two days of postponements, you kind of get the idea that the best thing for the city would be for the obligation to host Orioles games to be removed from their plate for a while.

To that end, the Orioles announced on Tuesday that, after consulting with both MLB and state and local officials, they will play a 2:05pm game against the White Sox on Wednesday afternoon. This game will be closed to the public entirely.

Additionally, the weekend series from May 1-3 scheduled against the Rays is being relocated to Tampa, to be played at Tropicana Field with the Orioles serving as the home team. The Baltimore Sun's Dan Connolly reported that the Orioles will receive the gate receipts for these games minus the expenses the Rays incur in hosting them.

The two games that were postponed on Monday and Tuesday will be made up on Thursday, May 28 as a single-admission doubleheader beginning at 4:05pm.

About ticket exchanges, the Orioles said the following:

Tickets for Monday's postponed game will be valid for the doubleheader on May 28. Fans unable to attend the doubleheader will have an opportunity to exchange their tickets for any remaining home game this season. Fans with tickets for Tuesday's postponed game must exchange those tickets to attend the doubleheader on May 28 or exchange them for any remaining home game this season. Exchanges for both games will be completed on a "dollar for dollar" basis.

All tickets are subject to availability, and exchanges must be completed by June 30, 2015. Complimentary tickets are non-exchangeable.

The exchanges can be completed either at the box office or by sending mail to the Orioles, attention to the date for your postponed tickets. The May 1-3 games are subject to the same exchange policy.