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Power Polls: Where the Orioles stand in media rankings

Our weekly look at just how much national writers (and computers) hate our favorite ball club.

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Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

If the national writers and computers don't like the O's this week, they have no one to blame but themselves after that Toronto series last week. Power Rankings (14th)
Quite the tumble from 6th last week. Then again, if you saw the starting pitching against Toronto, this isn't a surprise. Power Poll (17th)
Ouch. Another almost double digit plunge for the O's. One bright spot in their summary? Swingin' Jimmy! "Since being activated from the disabled list last week, Jimmy Paredes has hit three home runs in seven games. Prior to that, he had only five career homers in parts of four major league seasons. -- Matt Kremnitzer (@mattkremnitzer) Power Rankings (16th)
No explanatory text, but I did find this interesting: High Vote: 10th. Lowest Vote: 22nd. That's a pretty wide spread, from top third of the league to bottom third of the league. I'd say 16th is about right, if just a tad low. Power Rankings (22nd)
FoxSports does their rankings solely on Baseball Prospectus' playoff odds, so they will most likely always be the lowest ranking in these articles, and this week is no exception. "Steve Pearce was a revelation last season, and opened 2015 with two homers in two games. Since then he's slashing .159/.255/.159 in 13 games. That doesn't have lot of predictive value, but neither does Pearce's 2014 campaign." It hurts because it's true.

CBS Sports Power Rankings (17th)
It seems somewhere in the low teens is the consensus for the week. "In the last three games, did we just see the official return of "Crush" Davis? That would be a pretty big deal for the O's offense, to say the least." It would be, that is true.

USA Today Power Rankings (16th)
They drop the O's nine spots, but you can't really argue with 16th. And The Hit Parede makes another appearance: "Jimmy Paredes (.429 average, 1.301 OPS) is the new Steve Pearce (.196, .602)." Yes, I'm single-handedly going to make "Hit Parede" a thing. The 30 (13th)
Jonah Keri seems to like the O's more than most this week, dropping them down to just 13th. He's extremely bullish on the Rays, though. Maybe we better watch out for those guys after all.

Bleacher Report Power Rankings (18th) drops the Orioles down 12 spots, but again, did you watch those games last week? Again, you can thank me later for the non-slide show version of this article.

One note - Yahoo! Sports turned their Power Rankings into a video-only affair, and to quote a great philosopher, "Ain't nobody got time for that." So, they will not be featured henceforth.