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Orioles final spring training game thread: at Braves, 3:05

This is the final spring training game and it seems that not even a single Orioles major leaguer will be in uniform for the game against the Braves.

Bert Hindman/Bowie Baysox

Not a single major league player has even made this trip to the Braves complex for the Orioles. Why bother to play? One last look at a few minor leaguers? An agreement with the Braves that the Braves would play the O's to get the O's regulars one last tune-up on Friday while the O's would give the Braves the same chance with a lineup of nobodies on the Saturday?

Either way, the good news is that this is the last fake game. Real baseball, as of just about the first pitch of this game, is 48 hours away. Starting Sunday night, we will not have a day on the calendar without any kind of organized baseball activity until the day after the All-Star Game. Sure, that first Sunday night game is only between the Cubs and Cardinals, so who cares, but it means baseball is back. Mad Men will also be back. Maybe you'd rather watch that than NL baseball, which sounds like a good decision to me.

If you feel the urge to have a little Fred and Joe in your life today, this game will be broadcast in Baltimore on 105.7 FM.

But seriously, this lineup.

Julio Borbon - CF
Ozzie Martinez - SS
Christian Walker - DH
Sean Halton - 1B
Michael Almanzar - 3B
Rey Navarro - 2B
Mike Yastrzemski - LF
Glynn Davis - RF
Audry Perez - C
Zach Davies - RHP

And that's why I hate spring training.