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Tuesday Bird Droppings

O's win!, Flarht status and replacement, Buck's juggling act, protecting the balls, and more in today's edition of Bird Droppings

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Melewski: Manny Machado: "To have that across our chest today meant a lot"
SteveO gets some player reax to last night's game

School of Roch: Roster move, tonight's game and other stuff
Say hey, Rey. And Roch dropping random minor league notes at the end of his column has to mean something, right?

Outside The Lines podcast- ESPN
Outside the Lines talks to Sam Angell and discusses the Orioles' return to Camden Yards, including how the last two weeks have affected the organization.

What's The Best Utilization of These O's Players? - Baltimore Sports and Life

Buck has a lot to juggle on a nightly basis between Jimmy P, Delmon, TeamSteve, de Aza, Snider, and Lough.

Camden Depot: 20 Questions About the MASN Dispute

We are less than a week away from final arguments in this phase of the MASN kerfluffle.

MLB pumps up ball security after Tom Brady flap | Boston Herald

I find this amusing and more than a little absurd.

Today is the birthdate for former O's Evan Meek, Kevin Bass, and Joe Nolan.