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Orioles place Jason Garcia on the disabled list, recall Mike Wright from Norfolk

It's awfully convenient when you can place a Rule 5 pick who needs work on the disabled list and replace him with a pitcher like Mike Wright who might be better and can also be safely optioned later.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In the "based on a true story" movie version of today's Orioles roster move, which has little resemblance to reality, Jason Garcia walks alone into a darkened Orioles clubhouse. One lone overhead light flickers and buzzes. Ominous ethereal strings rake across the ears in a crescendo. Blithely unaware, Garcia steps towards his locker.

Sitting on a chair in the corner, unseen in the shadows until he speaks, is Dan Duquette. "Hey, Jason," he begins, startling Garcia. "How's your shoulder feeling?" A baseball bat rests against his leg. Duquette is palming the handle.

"It's good," replies Garcia, who is starting to change out of his uniform.

"That's really great," Duquette adds with little warmth. "I just wanted you to know that whatever happens, you are a qualified major leaguer."


Then another man jumps out from one of the darkened lockers, throws a hood over Garcia's head. The camera goes black and you can hear something thumping against the floor. When there is light again, Garcia is in a full body cast in a hospital bed with one of those pulley things to keep his leg elevated.

Back at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, the newly called up Mike Wright walks out onto the field. He takes the mound. It's bright. The sun is shining. As Wright digs his cleats into the dirt on the mound for the first time, looking forward to when he can make his debut, he is happy.

The camera pans towards the Orioles dugout. The ominous strings chime in again. There sits Duquette, smiling. We zoom in on him until it's just his face, then the music gets louder as the zoom continues until it's only Duquette's eye. Then it zooms in farther into darkness. Scene.

But in the real world it was actually just Garcia going on the disabled list with right shoulder tendinitis that may actually be afflicting him. Wright was called up from Norfolk to replace him on the roster. Presumably he'll be pitching out of the bullpen in the same just in case mop-up role, but you never know, really. He's here now. Good luck to him.