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Orioles Power Polls: Where the media ranks the team in mid-May

The national writers (and the computers) like the O’s a little less this week than last week. That's what happens when you lose and look terrible doing it.

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I don't know what Chris Davis is doing here.
I don't know what Chris Davis is doing here.
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports Power Rankings (16th)
Down four places from last week, and honestly, the way they’ve played, they’re lucky it wasn’t more. Power Poll (16th)
The O’s looked ugly last week, but The Hit Paredes still gets some love: "The Orioles may feel comfortable using Jimmy Paredes only at DH, but that's fine if he keeps hitting. Out of all major league players with 75 or more plate appearances, Paredes is third in slugging percentage (.684)." -- Matt Kremnitzer (@mattkremnitzer), Camden Depot Power Rankings (18th)
Hope the O’s packed a parachute for the free-fall they committed in the ranks. They tied the A’s for the largest plunge, dropping 8 spots in one week. Although I do wonder about the value of a power poll where one bad week lets one-quarter of the league pass you in rankings. Power Rankings (19th)
FoxSports does their rankings solely on Baseball Prospectus’ playoff odds, and subjective analysis is starting to agree with the computers. Their formula isn’t really an outlier anymore this year. Here’s some kind words about one O’s pitcher, though. "This version of Ubaldo Jimenez was the subject of late-night stories around the campfire. He was never supposed to be real."

CBS Sports Power Rankings (21st)
And if didn’t like the Orioles, CBS Sports is treating them like they have leprosy. The Birds drop TEN spots in CBS’s latest poll, although they do temper it with a happy reminder: "Worth a reminder: Manny Machado is only 22 years old."

USA Today Power Rankings (20th)
Another freefall in a power poll as the Orioles drop eight spots to 20th. That’s lower than BP’s computers. Ouch. The 30 (15th)
Jonah Keri seems to like the Orioles better than just about everyone else, as has them (barely) in the top half of the league. That actually seems a bit high for me.

Bleacher Report Power Rankings (18th)
And just because they do things a little louder than everyone else, BR has the O’s dropping nine spots. So, last week, they were in the top third of the league, and this week, they’re two spots away from being in the bottom third. Because a week’s worth of games tells us that much.