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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Off-day roster moves, Manny in the community, MASN case, a trade!, Adam Jones: baseball ambassador, and more in your Bird Droppings du jour!

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

O's place Norris on DL due to bronchitis |
Bronchitis of the arm, one would think judging by his pitching so far this season, amirite?

Machado hosts 2nd BaseBOWL Tournament |
Important question though: Duckpin or regular pin?

School of Roch: Harvey update and minor league trade
So look for an update about him having Tommy John Surgery around the end of July now.

Baltimore Orioles, Washington Nationals in court over TV revenue dispute -

The cases have been presented. Now we await the judge's decision.

Astros Acquire Int'l Bonus Slots From Orioles For Chris Lee - MLB Trade Rumors

The O's and 'Stros swung another trade. Duq' and Luhnow seem to be quite chummy seeing as this is at least the 3rd deal they've made since '13 (Norris, Jason Garcia, and now this one).

Orioles' Adam Jones has a replica WWE belt, but he's the champion MLB needs | MLB | Sporting News

Adam Jones is the Orioles' 'face of the franchise' now. But MLB could certainly stand to utilize him more as a 'face of MLB'.

Orioles Buzz: Matthew Taylor: Taking aim at Eutaw Street

Many here will go apoplectic if Bryce is the first to hit the Warehouse during a game.

Winning and Losing the Strike Zone Game | FanGraphs Baseball

Have the O's been getting an extremely beneficial strike zone, both for their pitchers and batters?

WAR Diagram: Position Players | FanGraphs Baseball

A helpful visualization outlining how fWAR is calculated.

Happy birthday 'Disco' Dan Ford! On this date in 2006 the O's and Melvin Mora agreed to a 3 year / $25m extension.