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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Impending roster crunch, injury rehab updates, Jones' contact, corner outfield concern and potential solution, and more in the Bird Droppings du jour!

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

School of Roch: Wondering how the Orioles make room on their roster
Easy solution: if a better player needs to be put on the roster, put him there and don't worry about losing the not-good player.

Adam Jones Is Up to Something | FanGraphs Baseball
If he keeps feasting on pitchers it's gonna be difficult for him to stay hungry.

Orioles Buzz: Matt Kremnitzer: Looking at the O's corner outfielders

And this is what happens when the Duq's gambles don't pay off.

Camden Depot: How to Solve the Orioles' Corner Outfield Problem

By trading for another meh outfielder? No thanks.

Wieters, Gausman progressing in rehabs |
At this point I'll only believe we'll see either of them with the O's when it actually happens.

Contact Quality: Just a Part of the Puzzle, 2014 AL Hitters | FanGraphs Baseball
Showing us that when Chris Davis actually makes contact he does tremendous damage.

On Mike Wright: A PITCHf/x Analysis - Baltimore Sports and Life
Is he in for a 2nd-start rude awakening?

Today is the birthday of former O's Ramon Hernandez and David Wells.