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MLB Draft 2015: Looking back at Hunter Harvey and the rest of the Orioles 2013 class

It's too soon for anyone from the draft class to be helping out the major league club, but how are the Orioles' picks from the 2013 class looking now?

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For the first time in what probably seemed like forever, the Orioles did not have a top pick in the 2013 draft thanks to their 93 wins in 2012. Their first pick in the draft wasn't until #22, and they would draft 41 players. Despite not having a top pick though, they were still able to get some good players. None of those guys have broken into the major leagues yet (it's been less than two years) but some are already being looked at for when they could contribute.

1st Round, 22nd Overall - Hunter Harvey - Bandys High School (NC) - RHP

Everyone has probably heard Harvey's name lately since he was shut down a few days ago with a strained right flexor mass after he felt stiffness in his right elbow. Tommy John surgery hasn't been prescribed yet, but everyone should be nervous about this. It's not uncommon for guys have to elbow issues, be shut down for a while, and then end up needing the surgery (hello, Matt Wieters). Obviously, the injury is much more serious for a pitcher though. If Harvey ends up needing the surgery, it could set him back a year to eighteen months.

Before this injury though, Harvey had been doing well in the O's minor league system. He started in the Gulf Coast league, before being moved up to Aberdeen and then Delmarva. Last season he was 7-5 with a 3.18 ERA in 17 starts with the Shorebirds. Before this season, Fangraphs rated him the #2 Orioles prospect behind Dylan Bundy and #36 overall in their Top 200. Assuming he doesn't need surgery, he should still be on track to make his MLB debut in 2017, probably part-time out of the bullpen, before finding a spot in the rotation in 2018.

1st Round, 37th Overall - Josh Hart - Parkview High School (GA) - CF

Josh Hart was a competitive balance round pick and drafted as someone the team thought could be an everyday outfielder at the major league level. He's considered a very good fielder, with good speed and range. He's spent time in the Gulf Coast League, Delmarva, Aberdeen, and Frederick and so far his defensive stats seem to suggest he's living up to that part of his scouting report. His offense hasn't been terrible, but unlike most outfielders, I'm not sure they expect him to be a power hitter. It seems like they're expecting him to be more of a high OBP, leadoff hitter. His numbers need to improve to show that though - last season in Delmarva his OBP was only .301. He's been promoted to Frederick in 2015. Fangraphs rated as the Orioles #14 prospect before this season.

2nd Round, 61st Overall - Chance Sisco - Santiago High School (CA) - C

Like Harvey, no doubt you've heard Chance Sisco's name. The Orioles selected four catchers with first eleven picks, but Sisco has been the best. He had a great year in Delmarva last season, hitting .340/.406/.448 with five home runs. Fangraphs rated him as the #3 prospect in the Orioles system. He's in Frederick now and is struggling a bit to begin the season, but that doesn't mean much this early on. The Orioles had a kind of catcher backlog when the season began, but with Ryan Lavarnway coming up and the team moving J.P. Arencibia, that has alleviated a little. Steve Clevenger is probably in line to join Caleb Jospeh in 2016, assuming Matt Wieters doesn't return and the team doesn't find someone else, but then in 2017 Sisco may get his chance, if not out of spring training then sometime later in the season. The team is hoping his good bat can keep up and he can develop his defensive skills. Clevenger can probably tell you all about how this team values defensive catchers.

3rd Round, 98th Overall - Stephen Tarpley - Scottsdale Community College - LHP

Stephen Tarpley was traded to the Pittsburgh this past offseason in the Travis Snider trade. Probably not much of a loss here, as Tarpley was having problems being consistent, but so far it's hard to say Snider has lived up to too much in Baltimore. It'll be a while before we figure out who this trade worked out better for, if anyone.

4th Round, 129th Overall - Jonah Heim - Amherst High School (NY) - C

Hey, another catcher. The Orioles think highly of Heim, which is probably why they took him two rounds after Chance Sisco. Fangraphs rated him #16 overall in the Orioles system, and described him as having average raw power with an above average arm. Also like Sisco, he's new to catching, but the team thinks more reps will bring around his defensive ability. He's off to a good start this year in Delmarva, hitting .275/.298/.394. It's hard to say whether he'll ever make it to the big leagues, but he has an outside shot.

5th Round, 159th Overall - Travis Seabrooke - Crestwood SS - LHP

Seabrooke tore his ACL in 2014 Spring Training and hasn't pitched since. He was young though and should bounce back. He's rated as having an average fastball, with an above average curve and decent changeup. Because of his injury it'll be a few years at least before we're talking about him joining the major leagues, but still has a chance at a back of the rotation starter.

14th Round, 429th Overall - Mike Yastrzemski - Vanderbilt - RF

Normally, I wouldn't write about a 14th round pick for this column, but little Yaz is different. He's already made his way up to Bowie and has a .737 OPS so far this year. He was drafted by Seattle the year before, but turned them down. Fangraphs rated him as the #17 prospect and projects him to be a 4th outfielder in the big leagues, but some in the organization value him higher and think he can be an everyday outfielder. He's on a good track so far, had a good spring training this year, and could be looking at joining the Orioles in 2017.

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There were some other good guys taken in this draft. This article from Bleacher Report thinks three or four of this class could end up making the big league club. If that's true, this could turn out to be a very good draft for the team. But with it being so early, we'll have to wait and see how things play out.