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Orioles podcast: Treading water heading into Memorial Day weekend

The Orioles are hanging in there heading into Memorial Day weekend, and maybe they'll be able to flip the switch and start doing better soon. Check out our thoughts on the latest Camdencast!

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The Orioles have been up and down lately, but it turns out that they're still hanging right there in the AL East, where nobody is really breaking out from the pack. That means there's a lot to talk about with what's going on, good and bad, with the team.

One thing that's been a struggle is the performance of third- and fourth-year arbitration players; we talk a good bit about how the Orioles need to get surplus value and where they are and aren't getting it. Not all is bad, however, and really the O's just need to shuffle a few pieces here and there and maybe they can be the team that breaks out from the bunch in the division. Jonathan Schoop and Matt Wieters are (hopefully) on the mend, Chris Parmelee could be on the way, and maybe Mike Wright's here to stay in the rotation in place of someone who's not doing as well.

Along the way, some of the usual Camdencast randomness, like the second straight podcast mention of Billy Rowell, a brief Brian Matusz interlude, Dan Duquette's infectious disease lab, and more.

This episode has a run time of about 1:20.

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If you've ever got any feedback for the podcast, please feel free to let me know in the comments. There is always something I can do better. Take care until next time, and go Orioles!