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Orioles lose 4-1, frustrating everyone

The Orioles lost 4-1 to the Houston Astros tonight on the backs of an imperfect start from Chris Tillman followed by horrendous appearances the bullpen and a listless offense.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Orioles lost tonight 4-1 as I attempted to take my recap winning streak to two in a row. Alas, the Orioles would have none of that. The team squandered chances and gave up opportunities as this game slogged on from the beginning. It was one of those contests that left me feeling like I repeatedly slammed my head on a desk for three hours. A nice hardwood, maybe mahogany or a solid oak.

The game started out frustrating enough for the Orioles. Chris Tillman gave up three consecutive lead off walks in the second, third, and fourth innings, but was able to work his way out of those jams. He would eventually settle in and limit the hits until the top of the seventh inning. Tillman allowed another lead off hitter on, except this time it was a lead off double to right field by quintessential lumberjack Evan Gattis. Tillman would record the next two outs, but then Chris Carter singled to left field and Jason Castro doubled to right center field making it 2-1 Astros. Tillman would get the final batter of the seventh out and finish up his night with seven innings pitched, five hits, two runs, three walks, and five strikeouts. All in all a decent start from Tillman who kept the ball in the ballpark at the very least.

The Orioles offense also played infuriatingly throughout the game. Former half season Orioles hurler Scott Feldman took the mound for the Astros. He also threw up the middle finger to Rob Manfred and his quixotic attempts to speed up the pace of baseball.

The Orioles started off the game with three consecutive inning ending double plays. They had another scoring chance in the fourth inning which was thwarted by back to back strikeouts (guess which first baseman struck out? Trick question, both did) and a line out to left field with runners on second and third. The bottom of the sixth is when the Orioles saw their only run come. Jimmy Paredes led off with a double to the right field wall. The only bright spot on the Orioles night, Paredes recorded three of the five total hits the Orioles had on Tuesday night. Eventually, Paredes would advance to third on a ground ball and Chris Davis would hit a sacrifice fly to shallow right field. 1-0 Orioles at the time until Tillman surrendered the lead in the very next inning.

Feldman finished the night with sixth innings pitched, four hits, one run, three walks, and two strikeouts. He was lucky he was facing these Orioles, or else something bad could have happened to him.

After the sixth the Astros top tier bullpen came in and quickly put the Orioles to bed. However, with only a one run lead the Orioles had some hope going into the eighth. The Orioles bullpen would allow no such optimism though. Tommy Hunter relieved Chris Tillman and promptly gave up a double and a single. Two consecutive ground outs had one runner caught in a run down and the other out at the plate. Now with two down and two lefites due up, Brian Matusz came in the game. Matusz then walked Colby Rasmus and allowed a two run single to Luis Valbuena. You had ONE JOB Brian. The Astros scored all four of their runs with two outs on the night, which seems like a particularly cruel way to test my faith Lord. 4-1 Astros which would hold up as the final score.

The Orioles look to forget this loss quickly and move on to try to win the series tomorrow. Ubaldo Jimenez faces off against Colin McHugh at 4:35pm. Skip out of work early and join us on the game thread.

Here's a picture of Arnold to make you feel better.