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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Roster moves galore!, Wieters nears a return, these are not the outfielders you are looking for, and more in today's edition of Bird Droppings.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Melewski: Matt Wieters on night in Bowie and returning soon to the Orioles
Maybe we will actually see Wiet in Baltimore sometime this season. I'm still reserving judgement until it actually happens.

Orioles' offense still looking for answers |

Here's a suggestion: hit some daggone dingers!

School of Roch: This, that and the other

Adios, Everth?

Orioles Designate Ryan Lavarnway - MLB Trade Rumors

TeamSteve Magic! Feel it happen!

Another manager takes a swipe at Dan Jennings’ lack of experience | HardballTalk

Seems Buck was not a fan of the Marlins skipper's bullpen strategy. But hey...scoreboard, Buck. Maybe don't lose a series to that joke of a team.

Camden Depot: Outfield Reinforcements Won't Be Coming From the Minors
Which is why they should have kidnapped / rescued Giancarlo from the Marlins before they left Miami. Not sure why they didn't consider the masterplan I sent them...

Contact Quality: Just a Part of the Puzzle, 2014 AL Pitchers | FanGraphs Baseball
Chen and Norris get mentions in this piece, though the conclusions are far different.

Feliz cumpleaños, Miguel Gonzalez!

On this date in 1960 an exasperated Clint Courtney opts to use a catcher's mitt 50% larger than a regulation mitt in an effort to handle Hoyt Wilhelm's knuckleball. The gambit works flawlessly, though the mitt will later be banned by MLB. One year ago today the O's lost via this walk off hit. sigh...