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Tuesday Bird Droppings

JJ & Flaherty rehab, Adam Jones misses out on an award to a former O, Manny's plate discipline, and more in today's edition of Bird Droppings!

Post-Win column high-fives on this day in 2012
Post-Win column high-fives on this day in 2012
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Steve Melewski: Hardy and Flaherty on their night in Bowie and return to the Orioles
Hardy plays it coy regarding his nearing return, while Flarht is confident Friday will be his day.

School of Roch: Cruz beats out Jones for AL honor
Stay Hungry, Doctor Jones and just go ahead and win the May award. Or the MVP. That'd be cool too.

Manny Machado’s Light Bulb Turned On | FanGraphs Baseball
Scott Coolbaugh: Master Electrician

Report: Orioles prospect Connaughton invited to NBA Combine | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
The NBA wants a closer look at Orioles pitching prospect and Notre Dame basketball star Pat Connaughton.

When hitters pitch, and other out-of-position classics. | : Andrew Simon Article
Steve Pearce's recent tour of the middle infield inspired this post, which includes a special memory for O's fans at the very end.

Baseball Prospectus | Raw Projection: Ep. 01 - Short Anthems, Short Games
A new BPro podcast, this one focused on the minors, and featuring former Orioles Nation writer Tucker Blair. The first episode features some gushing over Dylan Bundy's returned stuff.

No Orioles-related birthdays or history of yore to note, so let's expand our horizons a bit...In 1260 Kublai Khan becomes leader of the Mongol Empire. In 1821 Napoleon Bonaparte dies. In 1862 the Battle of Peubla sees mexican troops turn back a French invading force. The battle with be remembered and celebrated each Cinco de Mayo. In 1925, John Scopes was served an arrest warrant for teaching evolution. In 1987 the Iran-Contra congressional hearing began. In 1991 the video game Wolfenstein 3D is released. Today is the birthday of Karl Marx, Tammy Wynette, Monty Python member Michael Palin, and Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward.