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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Low-key O's, Davis' new-found success vs. FBs, More of the same from MiGo, a special anniversary from 2012, and more in today's edition of Bird Droppings!

wish I could have found a pic of a grinning Wiet showing the ball in his mitt to the ump
wish I could have found a pic of a grinning Wiet showing the ball in his mitt to the ump
Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Support Baltimore, donate tickets
We all know what's been going on around Baltimore of late. Donating tickets to kids in the city won't solve their problems, but it will give them a fun day at the ballpark. And who doesn't love a fun day at the ballpark?

Orioles happy to defend AL East crown free from outside expectations | MLB | Sporting News
Jesse Spector contrasts the different attitudes the O's and Royals are playing with. (Warning: auto-play video at the top. Why do websites still think those are acceptable?)

How the AL East will shake out - MLB - Buster Olney Blog - ESPN
With a declarative headline like that one would think some sort of definitive conclusion would be reached... alas..."Very little separates these five teams, and that might be the only thing you can count on for the rest of this season."

School of Roch: Britton on batting
Just don't get hurt trying to swing or bunt, Ubaldo.

Camden Depot: A Second Look at Chris Davis
Chris Davis has been hitting 4-seam FBs better of late. But I wonder about the average velo of the 4-seamers he's found success with. His past struggles with elite velocity (95+) has been written about plenty.

Orioles Buzz: Matt Kremnitzer: Miguel Gonzalez is at it again
I was one of MiGo's most vocal skeptics on here, and even I've gone ASCII Shoulder Shrug at this point. I don't know how he does it, but I'm willing to accept that he does something to outperform his stuff and his FIP.

April offense: wRC+ leaders at each position - Beyond the Box Score
I would hope we could all guess who leads CF in wRC+ at the moment.

Steve Pearce Is Playing Second Base | FanGraphs Baseball
If Jeff Sullivan wants to write about the O's all the time, well...I'd be fine with that.

Wait, David Ortiz’s appeal from the dugout phone smash from 2013 was just heard yesterday? | HardballTalk
Not surprising if you've ever seen how long Ortiz stalls while stepping out of the box between pitches...

On this date in 2012 the O's and Red Sox played 17 innings. It wasn't all that exciting...