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Monday Bird Droppings

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

After a .500 homestand, the Orioles finish May at a disappointing 13-16 for the month. The Orioles head out on the road to Houston and Cleveland with Matt Wieters expected to make his season debut Thursday or Friday.

Steve Melewski: Tillman on his struggles, Machado on the offense after loss to Rays
An apology would suffice.

Showalter thinks Orioles have strong catching depth | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
Interesting to hear after dealing with the Wieters injury and other catcher injuries throughout the system.

Camden Depot: MASN Dispute: Final Arguments Additional analysis of the soon to be decided case with MLB and the Nats.

Pitchers shouldn't be allowed to use foreign substances -- period | FOX Sports
The prevailing sentiment seems to be that pitchers should be allowed to use foreign substances to better grip a baseball, but Matthew Trueblood explains why he doesn't think that is necessary or fair.

On this day in 2005, the Orioles defeated the Red Sox 9-3. Miguel Tejada hit three doubles and homered as Sidney Ponson won his sixth game of the season.

It's the birthday of Ray Moore and Towson alum Amy Schumer.