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Power Polls: O's rankings in media polls

The national writers and (and the computers) are all over the place this week in movement, but strangely, all settle around the same place. Let’s review!

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"Hey CBS - can you explain why the O's went up four spots this week?"
"Hey CBS - can you explain why the O's went up four spots this week?"
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports Power Rankings (N/A; Last Week: 14th)
MLB has revamped their presentation of the Power Rankings, and now only go to 20 places. The O's did not make and appearance in the Experts poll (75% weight) and was also a no-show in the Fans' Poll, so they are not listed after being 14th last week. How little do fans think of the Orioles? The Phillies, at 22-38, are listed as 20th in the Fan Poll, and the O's are nowhere to be found. Ouch. Power Poll (22nd; LW: 17th)
A weekend series win meant nothing to ESPN, who dropped the O's five spots in their poll. "The Orioles hope the return of Matt Wieters sparks what has been an underwhelming offense. As a team with a high strikeout rate and low on-base percentage, the O's haven't hit for enough power to climb up the AL offensive rankings." -- Matt Kremnitzer (@mattkremnitzer), Camden Depot Power Rankings (20th; LW: 21st)
The Orioles rise one spot, because why not. I give up. Power Rankings (21st; LW 21st)
FoxSports does their rankings solely on Baseball Prospectus' playoff odds, which usually does the O's no favors. And yet the team stays in the exact same spot as last week. "It's unlikely that Old Bay will fix the Orioles, but given that this is Baltimore, we can be sure it'll at least be considered as a viable solution."

CBS Sports Power Rankings (18th; LW 22nd)
And the Orioles rise four spots in this poll. Seriously, I think we'd be better off with drunk monkeys and a dartboard at this point. "They've won four of five and get the Yankees after this Boston series. Then the Phillies for four. This is the chance for a big move."

USA Today Power Rankings (20th; LW 16th)
And the Nation's newspaper drop the O's the same four spots that CBS lifted them. I'll buy the Natty Boh, you bring the simians. "Welcome back Wieters, who goes 5-for-12 in first two games back." The 30 (21st; LW 18th)
Jonah Keri slides the O's down three spots, so we're in his first of his three sections each week. Ouch. Climb back to mediocrity, Orioles!

Bleacher Report Power Rankings (19th; LW 20th)
And it's rather fitting the last poll finds the Orioles one spot higher than last week. "After dropping three of four to the Houston Astros to begin the week, the Baltimore Orioles rebounded to take a series from the Cleveland Indians over the weekend, and they remain just 5.5 games back in a wide-open AL East."